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Ben Neill


Pure Gamma

Live at

The Gatherings Concert Series

28 September 1996

Houston Hall Auditorium
3417 Spruce Street in Philadelphia, PA

Info: Ben Neill at The Gatherings in Philadelphia

Ben performed two exciting sets at The Gathering combining spacy ambiences, trip-hop and jungle beats, and virtuosic playing on his custom-built "Mutantrumpet"

Amazingly, this multi-layered performance was all being controlled in real-time from Ben's Trumpet. The sound from the trumpet, and input from controllers mounted on the instrument were fed into a computer running interactive software. So all of the synthesizer parts and drum patterns behind Ben's trumpet were being triggered and controlled live. To make matters even more complicated, Ben was also controlling the slide projectors that added surreal visuals to the show.

Notes by Jeff Towne

Ben Neill

Ben Neill



Ben Neill

Ben Neill

The Gatherings vol 1 Anthology CD Includes "The Chemisrt of 7" by Ben Neill, excerpted from his 28 September 1996 Performance at The Gatherings Concert Series

The Gatherings vol 2 Anthology CD Includes "Between Dreams/Crystal Window" by Pure Gamma, excerpted from their 28 September 1996 Performance at The Gatherings

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Concert Photos by Steven Bouikidis