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Rudy Adrian

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The Gatherings Concert Series

Saturday 21 September 2002 - 8:00pm

St. Mary's Hamilton Village
3916 Locust Walk, University City, Philadelphia, PA

Rudy Adrian

Rudy Adrian

Rudy Adrian

Rudy Adrian

Above: Concert Photos by Bill Forcier

Below: Concert Photos by Howard Moscovitz

Review: Rudy's Gathering

There were times this evening when I would close my eyes and allow the blackness to envelop my senses; before allowing images awakened by the soundscapes of Rudy Adrian to seduce me. Images not unlike those which actually transpired onstage; a video montage, beautifully self-produced by the artist; a collage of his New Zealand homeland; of her mountains, lakes, and flowing rivers. Of silhouetted foregrounds and her beautiful skies. Of billowing cloudworks. Of fallen trees in dense forests, moss covered, and surrounded by fern. These visuals were all mirrored-imaged by sound; or by quietness, really; silence merely enhanced by Adrian's sacred vocals, comparable to those profoundly realized by Jim Cole; or by movements of music cousin to Michael Stearns' most spiritual works, or by sullen Kevin Braheny-like laments, or by Vangelis-akin treasures; most simplistic, revealing and nakedly-beautiful.

At times the stage awakened. Adrian would segue nearly imperceptibly, somehow, finding a source of energy, mirroring projections again, often rushing water, pulsating, married with driven musical sequences of transitional force.

Word had trickled our way as Rudy toured his way across the country... "This is a show that needs to be seen." Indeed, it was. I think I can speak for us all, gathering tonight, by saying we were all muscially and visually seduced. Warm appreciation in return, Mr. Adrian. Enjoy the remainder of your journey; a long way from your beautiful and obviously inspiring home.

by soma611
As Posted to The Spacelist: Sun 22 Sept 2002

Review: Rudy Adrian at The Gatherings Concert Series

This past Saturday 21 Sept, Rudy Adrian, a composer/ artist from New Zealand, performanced at St Mary's church on locust walk in Philadelphia. It was another in a series of concert performances from The Gatherings series of Ambient /"space music". St Mary's church sanctuary proved to be a perfect setting for the performance, with plenty of resonance and a naturally quiet atmosphere. Rudy Adrian had produced a video of his homeland, New Zealand, to accompany the music. The visual presentation was a gridlock fit to multi-layered tones and filtered effects from his Yamaha synthesizer. He has a keen eye to finding beauty in the smallest of images. A combination of mountain scenery, streams, foiliage and time-lapsed clouds gliding across the sky created a dreamscape of natural beauty. New Zealand is a beautiful country. Rudy lives within 10 minutes of the coast and about an hour to the mountains. Along with a fine mix of synthetic tones and sequences, he also added chant-like vocals, whistles and short melody lines on a Native American wooden flute. A good audience of approximately 100 people experienced the soundscape which consisted of one set of 45 minutes , followed by a brief intermission, and another set of 30 minutes featuring excerpts from The Healing Lake. The audience gave Rudy a standing ovation and was rewarded with an encore selection (although Rudy was a bit shy and politely embarrassed by the audience appreciation of his work). After the performance Rudy was available to sign his cd: "Twilight" atmospheric works vol.2 and chat with the audience. Our little entourage of crew members from "the island" thoughly enjoyed the music. We were even more pleased that Rudy, Chuck Van Zyl, and Echoes producer, Jeff Towne, had agreed to join us on Sunday for a trip to our Lovely island "refuge" refuge...

by Warren: "Pirate Leader"
Bungalo Brewing

Rudy Adrian   Rudy Adrian
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