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Live at

The Gathering

Saturday, March 29th, 1997

Houston Hall Auditorium
3417 Spruce Street in Philadelphia, PA
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Chris Green Paul Eggelston

Chris Green and Paul Eggleston are Bionaut and have been quite prolific in their years performing around their home-base of Hyannis, Massachusetts. Festivals, bookstores, private parties, art galleries, radio shows, clubs, coffehouses and rave chillout rooms are all among their credits. Their appearance at 27 March 2002 Gathering in Philadelphia was their first formal concert.

For Bionaut, live performance is the path to creativity. They realize entire compositions through spontaneous interaction with each other in the live setting. Their CD "Au Naturel" consists entirely of excerpts from live gigs. According to Eggleston, "Most groups need to be dragged out of the studio to play live. We're the opposite. We need to be dragged in to the studio."

The Gatherings Anthology CD Includes "Astral Unraveller" by Bionaut, excerpted from their Performance at the 27 March 1997 Gathering in Philadelphia

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